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Haihe BiopharmaCo., Ltd (“Haihe”) reminds you that before browsing the website of Haihe (“Haihe Website”) or using any online function of Haihe Website, please read and understand this Statement carefully. If you browse the contents of Haihe Website in any way or use the contents or online function of Haihe Website directly or indirectly, you shall be deemed to agree to this Statement of Disclaimer.

1. You shall be fully responsible for the information (if any) provided by you in Haihe Website in accordance with the law, and Haihe shall not bear any responsibility. The content you upload on Haihe Website (if any) only represents your viewpoint, not Haihe’s viewpoint.

2. The information provided by Haihe Website is only for general reference and introduction, and in no case does it constitute any guidance, advice, or suggestion to you. You agree to take all risks of using content or online features of Haihe Website, and to be fully responsible for all consequences arising from such use.

3. Except as expressly provided by law, Haihe does not make any express or implied warranty for the accuracy, reliability, timeliness and completeness of the information contained in Haihe Website. You shall make your own judgment on all data and information provided by Haihe Website, and assume any and all risks arising from the use of the aforesaid information, including the risk caused by any reliance or trust in the correctness, completeness or practicability of the information. Haihe shall not be liable for any loss caused by your use of the data, information and/or online functions provided by Haihe Website.

4. Haihe does not guarantee that Haihe Website will be error free, that all defects have been corrected, or that the online services will not be damaged by viruses or any other factors. Except as expressly provided by law, Haihe hereby expressly states that it does not undertake any express or implied warranty liability therefor.

5. Haihe cannot guarantee to foresee and guard against legal, technical and other risks at any time, including but not limited to force majeure, viruses, Trojans, hacker attacks, system instability, Internet hardware and software equipment failure, human negligence, third-party service defects, government actions and other reasons that may cause Haihe Website service interruption, data loss and other losses and risks, you shall not require Haihe to take responsibility therefor.

6. In order to ensure the security and stability of the related services of Haihe Website, Haihe may carry out irregular overhaul, maintenance, upgrade and migration of Haihe Website. If relevant services are interrupted or suspended within a reasonable time due to such circumstances, Haihe shall not be liable to you therefor.

7. Haihe Website uses the information provided by a third party. In addition to complying with this agreement, you should also abide by the user agreement of the third party. Haihe is not responsible for your use of third party information.

8. You should keep the account and password information (if any) of Haihe Website properly. If you inform others of your password or share the same account with others, any loss caused by any information leakage or loss shall be borne by you, and Haihe shall not bear any responsibility.

9. To the extent permitted by law, Haihe shall not be liable for any indirect, punitive, special and derivative losses (including business losses, loss of revenue, loss of profits, loss of use of data or other economic interests) related to or caused by Haihe Website, regardless of how they are caused, and whether they are caused by breach of contract (including breach of warranty) or infringement, even if the possibility of such loss has been informed of in advance.

10. Haihe has the sole right to amend this Statement of Disclaimer and final right to interpret this Statement of Disclaimer.

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