Partners and Investors
  • Series C

    Time: The first half of 2023

  • Series B

    Time: July 2020

    Capital Raised: 1.2 billion yuan

    Lead Investor: Warburg Pincus

    Co-Investors: CMB International, Legend Capital, funds under China Capital Investment Group, Chaos Investment, Alan AMC, Winfast Investment and Shanghai Science Innovation Commission Venture Fund. Series A investors including BioTrack Capital, Yingke PE, Shanghai Atlas Venture Capital and CSPC and related parties continued to add investment. 

    Purpose: Accelerate the global R&D and product launch of HaiHe’s multiple new anti-tumor drugs.

    Sole financial advisor: CEC Capital

    General Coordinator of Corporate Restructuring: Boquan Capital

  • Series A

    Time: February 2019

    Capital Raised: US$136.6 million

    Lead Investor: Huagai Capital

    Co-Investors: Yingke PE, CSPC, Hillhouse Capital, Shanghai Atlas Venture Capital, BioTrack Capital, Elite Capital and Daehwa Pharmaceutical

    Purpose: Accelerate the clinical and preclinical research and development of the company’s multiple innovative original anti-tumor drugs

Business Development
Haihe Continues to Seek Opportunities for External Cooperation
  • Out-licensing or

    Many of our investigational products are independently developed and possessed global rights. We are open to potential discussions with overseas pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies on mutually beneficial cooperation, including ex-China rights licensing and co-development in global markets.

  • Drug Combinations

    Haihe has a rich and balanced pipeline, with many of its products having the potential to be used in combination with other blockbuster drugs. We are willing to explore potential cooperation in drug combinations. Especially the innovative technology platform which focus on immuno-oncology, targeted therapies, chemotherapy, and macromolecular drugs.

  • In-licensing

    As the company continues to grow, while conducting independent research and development, we will also introduce more high-quality products to further expand our pipeline and product portfolio.

  • For business development, please contact:
  • Website: www.haihepharma.com
  • Telephone: +86 21 20568888
  • Email: bd@haihepharma.com
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