Our Culture

We have a group of outstanding employees who are honest, happy, healthy, and enthusiastic.
We have a win-win platform that features respect, transparency, openness, and cooperation.
We have innovative scientific research and efficient management.
We give priority to potential rather than ability or experience.

Our Values
Career Development
Haihe Biopharma hopes to motivate and develop outstanding talent and support employees to achieve career development through the company’s strong talent training and support system.
Salary and Benefits

People are one of our core assets. We are committed to providing competitive

Comprehensive sa lary and benefits plans, and appealing welfare and incentive plans, in a bid to enhance the cohesion and sense of belonging of employees, and advocate work-life balance.

  • Holidays
    Statutory holidays
    Paid annual leave
    Paid sick leave
    Extra holidays
  • Welfare &
    Commuting allowance
    Communication subsidy
    Travel allowance
    marriage/birth gifts
  • Insurance
    Social security and
    housing provident fund
    medical insurance
    Annual health
    Occupational health
  • Life Welfare
    Ecological Park
    Free coffee
    Staff cafeteria
    Zhangjiang Talent
  • Others
    Book Corner
    Team Building
Haihe Employees
Job Opportunities
Let’s ride the wave of developing original innovative drugs in China. Haihe Biopharma aspires to become one of the companies that R&D professionals and outstanding managers have the strongest desire to join.
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